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PET Stretch Blow Molding

  • PET (polyethene terephthalate) stretch blow moulding is a manufacturing process used to produce custom plastic bottles and containers. In this process, a preform made of PET plastic is heated and placed over a mould. After stretching, it is taken into shape and removed.

Injection Moulding

  • Injection moulding is a process that manufacturers use to create plastic containers for retail packaging. It involves melting plastic and injecting it into a mould. Once cooled and solidified, it forms the final product.
  • Plastic manufacturers commonly use it to create plastic containers for retail packaging such as automotive parts, covers, and household items. The advantages of injection moulding include its speed, efficiency, and ability to produce complex, detailed pieces accurately. It can also produce identical parts at a cost-effective rate.

In-House Packaging Services

  • We handle all packing in-house, so you won’t have to worry about outsourcing your B2B plastic container packaging to another third-party provider.
  • With our in-house packaging services, you can control your packaging more efficiently and save money.
  • It keeps branding consistent and complies with legal and safety requirements.

Sticker Labelling

  • We can help you label your product information and branding by print.
  • It allows you to apply labels to containers of various shapes and sizes, apply multiple labels to the plastic container, and help enhance the label’s appearance and functionality.

Shrink Tunnel & Plastic / Carton Packaging

  • Adding a layer of protection and tamper-evident sealing improves product presentation, protects your goods against damage, and keeps any tempering risks at bay.


  • Plastic containers for industrial use rely heavily on research and development.
  • R&D helps develop new plastic materials with enhanced properties and makes manufacturing processes more efficient and environmentally friendly.