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Industries served

Dry Food Manufacturer

Bakery ingredients chain store/retailers

Pets feed manufacturer

Stationery manufacturer

Hardware wholesalers

Bakery ingredients manufacturer

Food & Beverages chain stores/retailers

Medical departments

Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

Automotive chain stores/retailers

For Manufacturers

We help create custom plastic containers for manufacturers with high-quality, versatile, and affordable materials for various applications.

Able to Forecast for non-season & season

With a combination of statistical analysis and market research, we can help you determine future demand based on historical data. 

By analysing past patterns and data, you can identify profitable production trends, save money, improve output, predict market demands and customer needs, and pre-plan processes.

Labelling & packaging when required

Manufacturers can conveniently complete all labelling and packaging needs with our in-house service. 

We can customise labels based on your unique designs and print requirements to ensure branding consistency. 

24 hours production availability

Production is always on the move so that deliveries are always on time. 

Continuously improving our wholesale plastic containers process and order fulfilment services allow us to deliver high-quality products on time.

For Retailers

We help retailers kick-start their business instantly with Binsen’s tailored premium-quality plastic containers for retail.

Marketing budget allocated to boost sales

Instead of worrying about heavy in-house packaging budgets, Binsen is ready to take on your outsourcing retail packaging needs so you can save more time, money, and space. 

You can increase your bottom line by allocating more marketing and sales budgets.

High Mix, Low Volume

With us, you don’t have to fuss about high MOQs, expenses, or stocking up.

We offer retailers the ability to start businesses instantly. With our High Mix, Low Volume (HMLV), and Just in Time (JIT) manufacturing solutions, you can focus on sales targets – no matter the quality or the product mix.

Weekly delivery available

We understand that retailers must keep up with incoming stock orders but need help managing inventory levels. 

Our weekly delivery can help you optimise speedy deliveries so that they are always on time, and you will never have to face a stockout.